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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Second Core Can Not Delete Items From "People" Blocked Sites

Seriously, this needs to be fixed. This is my second Core. I had blocked two URL's because they were questionable and I was concerned about the 400 plus botnet Core app alerts. Well, both websites were reviewed and cleared by Blue Coat. So, then I try to go back into my Core App block list and delete the now safe URL's. However, Core would not let me delete those entries from the blocked sites list. I experienced the exact same functionality with my first Core. However, I was younger and dumber than, and tried many things to fix the problem, except the one where you delete your "People" and recreate them which deletes, at least on my Core app, the blocked/allow sites. This IS NOT an acceptable way of resolving such an issue. Neither is resetting the Core, but they work. 

As has been said before in other ways, Symantec your Core core customers purchased, at least I did, what they saw as a new innovative type of router with an additional layer of security, and no sharp edges, because each day more and more miscreants online want to take their stuff. They brushed aside stupid little app issues and such because surely Symantec would tweak the smaller issues. Instead, with the release of the Alexa email it looks like Symantec is NEVER going to fix stuff like allowing us to delete devices at will, allowing us to manually update firmware, and so on. Yeah, Alexa is sexy right now, but unless Core's Alexa functionality has the power to do the things I just mentioned it is worthless to me, and I'm sure, many of your core of existing Core customers.



Re: Second Core Can Not Delete Items From "People" Blocked Sites

Hi Dolomite

Im sorry you're having these issues. I hope I can help. Currently the Core app doesn't have a way to delete devices but I'll put in a feature request where we can do this and I'll make sure we will release this feature to delete devices in the next version.

As far as editing URL's have you tried going to People: Shared: Allowed/Blocked Websites: and adding/deleting your URL's. Do let me know if they show up there.


Re: Second Core Can Not Delete Items From "People" Blocked Sites

What happens, and I've seen a couple other folks here say the same is as follows: 1) I have previously blocked websites. 2) Then, I want to delete them. 3) Next, I try to delete them. 4) I use the designed process as you show above. 5) The process appears to function as designed; however, when I exit and return to the blocked list later those previously "deleted", by me, sites are displayed in the blocked lists again. So, I can not ever really delete the items from the blocked list with the basic designed process. There is some type of bug in this process. 5) I can however use one of two methods to delete the blocked items from the list, but both result in extra time and effort. Method one is deleting the "People" the blocked sites are under. For instance, I had to delete my "Family" People this last time to delete the blocked list under it. Method two is resetting the Core to delete the data. Least desirable delete blocked items naturally. 

I may be entirely wrong, but I'd like to suggest what may be happening. From my observations, the Core may not always like it when one combines laptops, tablets, desktops, mobile devices (the things you can install Norton Security on), and the dumber printers, my Roku, and all the other IoT type devices under the same People and try/do add blocked sites to such a People. Maybe it can have issues with trying to attach a blocked sites condition to my HP Printer or my Vizio TV or Roku, and then not be able to delete a blocked site setting from a People it is contained in and all. Not sure if I am on base at all. I hope that helps you in some way.

Like I said I can delete the blocks in other ways, but just swiping and tapping on the red delete button is soooooooo much easier.


Re: Second Core Can Not Delete Items From "People" Blocked Sites

Thanks Dolomite for the detailed explanation. We will definitely look into this and get back to you when I have an update on this