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This forum thread needs a solution.

Secure websites not being blocked

I've found that while unsecured websites are being blocked fine on my son's computer, SECURE websites are not.  As a test I set up a block for the unsecured site bbc.co.uk and two secured sites - paypal.co.uk and swiss.com. While the unsecured site was blocked on every occasion, the secured sites were only blocked on around one out of every twenty visits.  However, on the Web Activities section I'm still getting reported on every visit:

"Child tried to visit restricted website: http :// www (dot)  swiss.com"

even though the website wasn't actually blocked.

Norton Family is enabled correctly and reports that it is monitoring.  Also the Supervision level is set as high.  My Son's PC is running Windows 10.

Please can someone have a look into this please as it looks suspiciously like a bug to me.  Thanks.



Re: Secure websites not being blocked

Hi davsarg,

Please make sure the add-ons for Norton Family are enabled browsers that your child. You can find them at
Tools ->  Manage Add-ons in IE if IE is being used.
Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions in Firefox if Firefox is being used.
Go to chrome://extensions or More Tools->Extensions in Chrome if Chrome is being used.

When the Norton Family program detects the extension is disabled, the Norton Family program sends an alert to the parent.  

The Norton Family program still logs Web activities and also blocks websites when the Norton Family extension is disabled.  The disabled functions are

*Social networking

* Safe search on search engine websites with HTTPS

*Video monitoring (for Premier users)

*HTTPS web monitoring



Thanks Katie

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