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Security Breach Notice re: email/passwords

Hi. I received 2 notices today that my email accounts and passwords have been breached. One notice was from Credit Karma, the other from haveibeenpawned.com. My info. was also found on a "paste".

Here is a copy of the one from haveibeenpawned.

2,844 Separate Data Breaches (unverified): In February 2018, a massive collection of almost 3,000 alleged data breaches was found online. Whilst some of the data had previously been seen in Have I Been Pwned, 2,844 of the files consisting of more than 80 million unique email addresses had not previously been seen. Each file contained both an email address and plain text password and were consequently loaded as a single "unverified" data breach.

Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords"

The Credit Karma ones were "Onliner Spambot" and "River City Media Spam List".

Can you tell me what I need to do, and if my Norton Security Vault was compromised? I have 1000's of passwords and to change all of them, only to be breached again in a month would really be a pain in the ***. How do we stop this from happening? I have used Norton for years and I don't know why or how this happens. One was Adobe back in 2013.

Can someone explain how this happens, and how I can protect myself short of changing all of my passwords every week?




Re: Security Breach Notice re: email/passwords

This has nothing to do with your Norton vault. That is secure and encrypted, so even if someone did hack Norton's servers, all they would see is gibberish. 

What is usually happening here is some web site for some company you have created an account for has had their information hacked. Then that information gets sold on the black web and may be used for nefarious uses.

Best action for you would be to go to all sites you have an account with and change your password and security questions.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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