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Security of Cloud Backup

I would like to understand the security standards of the Cloud Backup. Encryption standards? Replication? How do I know my files remain Confidential and are secure and cannot be accessed by anyone?



Re: Security of Cloud Backup

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1) The data is encrypted using AES-256, the data transfers are all via SSL.

2) The passkey is stored in a separate location from the data with no interaction between the two.

3) I believe you are asking whether the data is stored encrypted on the file servers to which the answer is, "yes."

4 + 5) The data is stored in such a way that it is not human readable at any level. A person who logged into the file server would not be able to learn anything about your files or data from viewing your account (and the data is stored using random IDs so no personal information would be available either).

For both security and business reasons I don't think we (meaning Symantec employees) discuss the details of our backup system in much more detail than this. -  Posted: 04-May-2009


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