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Security Issue: Kinda OT to NS

I will be returning the PC I am using for a refund. I am concerned about it's still being associated with my Microsoft Account. I have done all the standard recommended methods of removing passwords,etc, and have done a secure wipe of passwords with a secure delete program. Yet, MSN often was still saying Hello (My Name) - I changed the name and now it says "Hello Tomxxs" but not sure that was a good idea as it might have affected my Microsoft Account.

What I am most concerned about is when I sign-into Windows the login page still shows my email address that I registered with Microsoft with and a password generator might break into my Microsoft Account. I realize that this has little, if anything,to do with NS, but as it is security-related and concerns a PC with NS installed I am hoping this post will be allowed to remain and suggestions offered.

I have been considering doing a reset while not connected to the net,



Re: Security Issue: Kinda OT to NS

Just do the factory reset and do not do any sign in to the new installation.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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