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Server Down? Can't logon to internet?

I have been unable to login to my account online and my monitored accounts have no access to the internet.  When I try to edit accounts from the icon in the taskbar I get an error saying the computer is part of another account (I have no other account.)  I get the following error since yesterday when logging on to my account on the internet:

Sorry, An error has occurred on the server. Please, try your request again later.       

An error has occurred with our service, your data is safe, but for your protection and to prevent any possible loss of data your request was halted. The error has been logged and reported and we will look into it shortly.       

    Please return to the home page and log in again. If the problem persists, contact us for assistance.

I have had these issues periodically for a good portion of this month.  Please provide an update on what is being done and when the fixes are expected to be completed.  Additionally, since my kids accounts have been unable to use the internet please provide instructions on how to uninstall the software when the server is unavailable so we can continue to use the internet. 

Unfortunately, if these issues cannot be resolved in a more timely manner going forward, it appears we may need to look to other alternatives for providing parental controls.  Additionally, since I also run Norton for all my antivirus and internet security, I may need to look to other alternatives as I cannot afford to have these kinds of issues with the other Symantec products and I am losing confidence in the ability of Symantec to provide reliable software based on these issues.



Re: Server Down? Can't logon to internet?

I have been pulling my hair out on this one the last couple of days.  All of a sudden Google Chrome stopped working, couldn't work out why.  Uninstalled and reinstalled, sent Google e-mails as problem did not seem to occur on IE or Firefox.

Was just about to give up on Chrome when I realised it was perhaps a Norton family issue, so I uninstalled Norton Family & hey presto – it all worked again.

Norton / Symantec have my e-mail address for renewals, so why not one about this problem.  Anybody know of any alternatives?  SYMANTEC – HOW LONG UNTIL YOU FIX THE PROBLEM?


Re: Server Down? Can't logon to internet?

Same problem here as well. Basically, ever since the problems started (too long ago),  first with basically no internet access unless Norton Family was disabled and now no log in to the account, Norton Family has been unreliable. I am seriously looking into an alternative service. So far, the best option seems to be Qustodio ( http://www.qustodio.com/ ). If this does not change promptly for good, I will have no choice but to move my family protection from Norton Family to Qustodio.


Re: Server Down? Can't logon to internet?

Are there any lawyers out there who could advise on the possibility of a class-action lawsuit here?  Norton has taken control of our computers without allowing us access to our accounts to disable their control. 

This same problem has been going on for me since the 20th (70 HOURS of outage???  not confidence-inspiring from a network security and computer utilities software company!).  I would love to hear from other users: to what family monitoring application will you be switching?  Apparently, Norton doesn't have anyone working this week because "working on the problem" just doesn't cut it after three days. 

Do you know of any companies with reliable uptime?  I cannot keep my kids off the computer for the whole Thanksgiving holiday weekend (5 days) but I must because Norton is not blocking anything right now.  In our family we have Android, Windows and Mac.  Any suggestions for good competitive products would be very much apprciated. 

Also, how successful have any of you been in getting a refund for Norton when then cannot deliver the service as promised when you signed up AND PAID???  First I went through lots of crap because while this product technically works on my version of Mac OSX and technically works with my version of Safari, apparently they failed to mention (when I signed up and paid) that it doesn't work with my particular COMBINATION of OSX and Safari.  Silly me, not thinking to ask that...


Re: Server Down? Can't logon to internet?

Thank you so much - I thought I was crazy!  This problem is driving me nuts, and I can't believe Norton has not even contributed to these blogs

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