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Setting Backup Drive to OneDrive location

Norton 360 Premier; Windows 10; 

Hello!  I need some help with what I think should be a very simple thing... All I am trying to do is point my backup to a specific location on OneDrive.  In the settings/backup section, it only allows you three options: Secure Cloud Storage; C: (OS); D: (Recovery Image).  If I select the C: option (where my OneDrive is mapped too), it does not allow me to choose any location. Selecting the Secure Cloud option takes you to Norton's location, which I am not interested in going.  I gave "Norton Chat" a try and the first thing they did was try to sell me more space and never even attempted to help -- so please don't suggest this to me. 

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Re: Setting Backup Drive to OneDrive location

I do not use OneDrive. You have to be able to map a network drive to get a drive letter that can be used to point your backups to.

If you were able to map your OneDrive to your C: drive, you may have to choose between mapping OneDrive to C: drive or a separate drive letter that you can use for the backup. On my system, right clicking the OneDrive in Windows Explorer did not give an option to map the drive. Maybe because there is no actual network connection.

Others in the community that actually use OneDrive may be able to give more information.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Setting Backup Drive to OneDrive location

All: OneDrive is directly connected to your Microsoft account and credentials through Windows. Further directly related to Office. For that reason OneDrive isn't accessible via Norton backup. 


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