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Setting Up Norton 360 In Windows Vista

   Hi everybody :

                              I had no problem installing Norton 360 3.0 into Windows Vista Home Premium.   

                              The problem seems to do with  Windows Firewall and Norton 360 Firewall.

                                           (By the way...........I've been using Norton products for (around) 5 years, and I think it's great!)

                              When I installed the 1st copy onto my   "towered" computer, it slid right in.   After that...........no  problem.

                              The copy that I installed onto the laptop got ACTIVATED with no problem.  

                              Should I  "deactivate" the Norton 360 Firewall ? (Even though I DO think it's probably better than

                              Windows Firewall).     Or should I just leave the Windows Vista Firewall "deactivated"  ?

                                     I tried disabling the Windows Firewall,  and kept getting (on the laptop) and popup on my desktop about

                              a "security risk".

                                    Plus, after setting up and ACTIVATING Norton 360,  I  kept going through an UPDATE cycle.   I'm not sure

                             if it WAS downloading/installing the updates or not.    I kept getting  "ATTENTION",  that Norton's virus and

                            spware is out of date.     I did that, at least 3 times.   Each time, being prompted to restart the computer.

                                    With this in mind,  I KNOW  Norton was connecting to  Symantec.

                                    Also, on the laptop, I've got Windows Defender in the System.    Maybe there's a setting within

                            Windows Defender  I'm not setting ?