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Several Problems with my Account

I am experiencing several problems:

1. I am currently on my computer AND my children's two children's computers. Today I have visited several websites on their computers and searched for several things. When I try to monitor this, I see "No activity reported for selected time period." And yes, it IS enabled on their computers, and I am looking at the "Today" option.

2. When I look under the "Web" category, I do NOT see the websites visited. I personally visited many websites on their computer, and see nothing, except this: "Website visited from allowed category list: (File Sharing)".  Where are all the websites I visited?

3. And the few times I DO get a detail like under the Web category, when I click on that link, it tells me "404 Not Found" or some other unhelpful information that contains a bunch of letters and/or numbers.

4. Every time my children get on their computers, I get this email notification: "Browser Extension Disabled."  It is not disabled! I check their computers (I go to Settings, then to Extensions, then I make sure the Norton extension is "On all sites," and it always is. Why does this happen? (And FYI: I can not monitor their activity even before I get this notification.)

I have had Norton for well over a month, and so far I am not impressed. Plus when I try to Live Chat, it won't allow me to, even though my Cookies are enabled.

PS--For my computer I use Google Chrome, and my children use Microsoft Edge (does that make a difference?)

 Please help.  (Thank you!)



Re: Several Problems with my Account

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