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Share Norton 360 Utilities Ultimate?


May I ask two questions?

1) I upgraded to LifeLock w/Norton 360 & then upgraded again, for the Norton Utilities Ultimate package. I would like to share this with my sibling but am thinking it will require me to login to Norton on her PC, in order to activate the Utilities Ultimate package. Is this true?

In addition, my sibling does have a basic LifeLock account, in other words no Norton. Can she sign into Norton, that I am sharing with her, using her basic LifeLock account?

2) We may have clicked “don't ask me again” on one or two of those Norton informational windows that pop-up. Is there any way to reset that option, so that we can see those pop-ups again? As if we had not clicked "don't ask me that again". We may want to see those informational pop-ups a few more times before telling them to go away.

Norton 360 version

Windows 10 Pro

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Re: Share Norton 360 Utilities Ultimate?

1.  I just logged into my Norton Account to check on downloading and installing Norton Utilities Ultimate, NUU. I cannot see any other way to share NUU other than what you suggested. 

She would not see your 360 or NUU information in her Lifelock Account. And there is no way to add it to her Account. 

2.  If past history is an indication, the next LiveUpdate that has a Patch to install will probably reset all the 'Do not ask again' settings.


Re: Share Norton 360 Utilities Ultimate?

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