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Shared on line back up

Hi all,

Please excuse me if this question is nonsense, showing I don't know how Backup works.

I work on my PC most of the time and back up to a separate hard drive in the box, with a further back up at longer intervals to an external hard drive, so I'm fairly well protected.  I sometimes have to work on my laptop, though.  When at home, I can use the wi-fi network to get the files from the PC to work on.  If I then work on these files away from the network, to avoid having to start up the laptop later, I have to make the files available by emailing them to myself or putting on to a memory stick. 

I've set up Norton Back Up to copy my PC's documents directory to The Cloud.  Is there a back up routine for the laptop that would enable me to access these same files, work on them and then save back to the Cloud for later access from the PC?  I and others use the laptop mainly for internet access and have very little data on it; generally just the files I need to work on.