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Should i use norton utilities 16 "repair drive" on an SSD drive?

I already know the drive makers all say NEVER to use speed disk (because it might even damage the windows load or even the HD ability to work).  Can someone please tell me what of the NU should i use on a Crucial SSD and what the benefits are?  And if/when will Norton make more utilities for SSD drives?  



Re: Should i use norton utilities 16 "repair drive" on an SSD drive?

The benefits of defragging any current hard drives, either conventional or SSD are negligible. In fact, Windows purposely fragments some files for better access/performance.

You would be best not to use any third part  defrag utilities, and just allow Windows to do it's own disk maintenance.  What current Windows version do with SSDs is run the trim command.

Here is some information on the Windows defrag and SSDs.


Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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