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Should Norton have caught this? What is it?

Norton Issue?  When I'm on a website (even Norton's) and click on a link there, it goes to either an old 2022 or 2021 copyrighted website or ad, or to the previous page I was on. If I click back to the website I was on, where it should have gone, it is on the link I clicked, but the ad remains in another window behind it, unless I delete it. I've never seen this happen in the decade or two I've been on computers. Should Norton be catching this?  I did the free Malware Bytes & it didn't find any malware. Or, could it be something I need to change in Settings?  This is on Windows 10 for PC. We have Norton 360 Deluxe. We're into upgrading - recommendations?   Thanks. 



Re: Should Norton have caught this? What is it?

What you might be seeing is a redirect from a malformed ad on the page you are first directed to. That redirect seems to be very quick in that that seems to be the first page you see.  Norton does not block redirects because many sites use them for legitimate reasons. Norton uses them all the time.

Have you tried using a different browser to see if this is browser dependent? 

If your scans have come up clean, then try clearing your browser cache.

If that does not help, try disabling all browser extensions and test. If that stops the redirects, try enabling them one at a time to find the one causing the issue.

If all this fails, you can try installing an ad blocker extension. That should stop the redirects.

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