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Shutting off ccsvhst.exe in taskmanager

This Online Family Norton is very nice. I love it. The only problem I am having is that the program can be disabled/shutdown in Windows Vista Home Edition by simply going to Taskmanger and ending the ccsvhst.exe process. I have tried all sorts of things and asked others for help but cant seem to work around this. My son only has a user account and can still do this. I tried changing security options for the ccsvhst file and then the program doesnt run at all. I also tried to make it so he cant access taskmanager but I am in over my head.

Please advise how to address this issue.





Re: Shutting off ccsvhst.exe in taskmanager

Hi alfred_faller,

Please turn on Norton Product Tamper Protection under Computer Settings/Miscellaneous Settings if you use Norton Internet Security, or turn the option Tamper Protection On if you use Norton 360.

The kid with non-administrative rights on the PC won't be able to edit the settings.



Thanks Katie

Re: Shutting off ccsvhst.exe in taskmanager

This computer is using McAffee. I have looked for a setting (Tamper protection) such as you mentioned for the Norton Security and do not find one. Any additional thoughts?

Al Faller


Re: Shutting off ccsvhst.exe in taskmanager

Set the user as a limited user in vista.

Go to control panel, users. Change the account to limited.


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