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Firstly I'm relatively new to "Ask the community" site even though I have posted in the past with a hit and miss attempt.  I've posted my issue on another part of this section not knowing if I'm the correct area. So here goes again

Periodically I like to sign into my account to just check to any changes if at all.

But my biggest problem is that it takes me  many  goes at trying to log in, I have to go thru the "I am not a robot garbage" whereby I have to verify this picture and more pictures, etc,   then I get spat out because I've  tried too many times to login to my account. I'm told to try again in one hour. I have managed to work out that if I restart my PC I can over come the one hour penalty, I  then  try to log in and after a few "I am not a robot" pictures I get into my account using the  user name and password that I tried in the very first place. Dumb system.

What's the point of having a user name and password which is current and wont work initially.

I get very frustrated as my user name and password haven't changed in many months.

Why wont my sign in work the first time?