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Silent Mode while running windowed game

Will Norton detect a "Windowed (fullscreen)" resolution and automatically start Silent Mode? Or does this happen only with true fullscreen mode.

I'm currently playing a game that has always ran in fullscreen and Norton would auto-start Silent Mode whenever I started this game. A recent update in preparation for DX12, the game removed this option and now only supports "Windowed" modes.




Re: Silent Mode while running windowed game


Under the Silent Mode Settings, when you click on the ? at the end of the line, it starts off with

Manage Silent Mode Settings

When you perform important tasks, watch movies, or play games in full-screen mode, you can configure Norton to stop sending alert messages and suspend background tasks that slow performance.

I didn't see any directions for Windowed mode.

You could put the game's .exe into that sections settings and try the game and test out if it will work in mirrored mode. The directions only mention full screened.

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