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Site Dispute : www.pcspeeduppro.net


Safe Web report of pcspeeduppro.net shows following Threat Report.

Direct Link to: http://cdn.pcspeeduppro.net/pcspnet/c2/securerc/pcspsetuprmima.exe

Location: http://www.pcspeeduppro.net/downloadipmrm.asp?utm_source=mra&utm_campaig...

This file has been removed already from the website. So i didn't find the reason behind, why pcspeeduppro.net is still in detection by Norton. By spreading this wrongful information, Norton severely harming the reputation and web traffic of pcspeeduppro.net, while misleading potentially millions of users about our website and services which people otherwise find useful & absolutely free of security risks.

I request you to send it to reanalyze this manually again and have this detection removed ASAP.


Rajendra Prasad Kuldeep


Accepted Solution
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Re: Site Dispute : www.pcspeeduppro.net

Hi Rajendra Kuldeep

We have manually analyzed your site 'pcspeeduppro.net' and found it to be clean so we have changed its rating to green.




Re: Site Dispute : www.pcspeeduppro.net

The official download (md5, a7a4f8319eb9a61a47d4bddac67dfe25) has been known as riskware. See VT file A (older) and B.

  • I met potentially misleading system reports;
  • PC-Speedup-Pro did not flag this adware installer (md5, c2ef50a45cc9dc329058734014098ae6 );

Silent, yet a very powerful built in adware & browser cleaner for safe & error free surfing.

  • purchase page contained tracking info.

At least one possibly fake product review was found:

All in all, Reimage is a fantastic repair utility that...

PUP Hunter PRO: Just TRYING to save the world (U) from cyber threats, A single blog post, at a time, and ONCE & FOR ALL. (A fan of Nadia_Kovacs)

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