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Sleep Mode

Is it a good idea to put the machine into sleep mode when it is going to be unattended for several hours?


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Re: Sleep Mode

That depends. Are you trying to save energy by putting the device to sleep? Do you need the speedy recovery from sleep when you get back to the device? If so, it is a good idea.

For the ultimate power saving, you could do a full shut down. Then restart when you need the device again.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Sleep Mode


Re: Sleep Mode

Should I be concerned that doing a full shut down and start up more often then necessary might harm the machine? That's why I prefer sleep over shut down.
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Re: Sleep Mode


I'm running Win 7x64 Home Premium OEM on 2 PC's.

I use Sleep mode almost exclusively as I have my Norton & MBAM scans scheduled for 1:45am & 2am nightly. With the Sleep mode, I can schedule those scans (& other things as required) to run unattended while my PC is idle.

For example, I run a specific-item unattended nightly backup job right before my Norton & MBAM scans start.

My backup job runs at 1:30am, takes no longer than 5 min's to complete.  My MBAM scan starts at 1:40am, takes about 4-5 min's to finish.  Then my Norton scan starts, takes about 35-40 min's to complete.

After the Norton scan completes, Norton returns the PC to Sleep mode.

Regarding general PC shutdown vs Standby (Sleep) options, that's been debated online for a long time. There are a couple schools of thought about it, whether a boot/startup is 'harder' on a PC vs using Sleep mode. It comes down to personal choice, whether the user has a faster boot with SSD',s, whether elapsed time (booting up, loading Desktop, etc) is a factor.

There is the thought that powering up the PC (ie power supply) includes a built-in risk of a rare power surge that can damage or shorten the life span of certain power supply components but I don't know if such a point of view has been tracked with failure analysis data.  It probably exists but I haven't looked into it.

That said, any electronic (or mechanical) device can fail without notice at any time & there are many PC users that prefer shutting down their PC's overnight or when not in use.

I prefer Sleep mode for my everyday Desktop PC since I like to return to wake mode fast and I don't use 'hibernate' since I always close all apps/programs/windows before placing the PC into Sleep mode so I don't need to save the PC environment in the event a power outage occurs while in Sleep mode.

Since I use Sleep mode, I only restart/reboot my PC's about once every 2 weeks, at the same time I Clone my 'C' HDD.  I've been using this routine (with Norton & MBAM overnight scans) for about 4 years without issue.

Windows 7x64 Home Premium OEM Ver / MoBo: ASUS P7P55D-E / CPU: Intel i5-650 / RAM: 16 Gb Corsair DDR3

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