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Smart Firewall Greyed Out

I've had an ongoing issue with smart firewall. It will not stay activated. Everything in settings under firewall is greyed out.  I have used Norton Remove and Reinstall, and have a current subscription. After the reinstall Norton let me tick the smart firewall, but now it is greyed out again.  I keep getting notifications that my firewall is off from Windows 10. I attempt the fix now with Norton, nothing happens.  Everything else works with Norton, I can initiate updates and scans.  All scans show no virus or malware. I also ran MRT and Malwarebytes, nothing. I have run Power Eraser, nothing there also.  I cannot initiate anything but a full system scan with Norton in safe mode. I cannot access anything with Windows Defender as it says Norton is controlling the firewall. I'm at a loss and probably in serious jeopardy of a virus because of this issue.  Windows firewall is off, and Norton says it is snoozed. Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.  I cannot locate any help on this matter.



Re: Smart Firewall Greyed Out

Hello RESLJ. Disable "fast startup" in your system power settings and reboot. Here is how. Recheck your firewall status. Please advise if this corrects your issue.

Edited: If you are running an insider build on Windows 10 that could be your issue. Please advise what your build and version are for reference.


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