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Smart Scan Advance Issues finds 19 Outdated Drivers

Norton Smart Scan wants me to update 19 outdated drivers in one shot.   That seems crazy to me.  Should I be able to take a snapshot, checkpoint, and run the driver updates one by one so I can rollback, if necessary?

Or does Norton makes sure the machine is not hosed?

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Re: Smart Scan Advance Issues finds 19 Outdated Drivers

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Re: Smart Scan Advance Issues finds 19 Outdated Drivers

As bjm_ recommends, skip for now & then my suggestion is follow up by turning off both Smart Scan & Software Updater & do not get involved at all with 'Driver Updater'. From both Forums & Community, using either of these to update drivers is akin to to committing hara-kiri, especially with Driver Updater, computers being 'Trashed' & rendered inoperative. Drivers & software are best left to Microsoft and Apps themselves. MS drivers come thru' monthly updates if required or thru' thru' Device Manager, 'Check for Updates' (although never had updates thru' the latter), always you have latest available. Occasionally, an app will install & update it's own drivers, but here again, that app knows best.

It appears when Norton infers something other than Norton itself need 'Updating', it really means 'Backdating' or even the wrong driver for that particular computer.

Don't see Microsoft or various apps telling us that Norton needs updating etc. Norton recently seems to have poked their noses into things that are nothing to do with them and causing major issues, Norton just do what you are there for.

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