Smart Scan driving me nuts, please help

Smart Scan runs on my PC every day or 2. It keeps telling me I have 3 programs that need to be updated. MS OneDrive, MS VisualC++2005 and another that I can't recall. I do not know how to update these programs that came with the PC. I've got to control panel to "fix" them to no avail. I'm no a PC whiz. I don't know how to do this stuff, which is why I pay Norton to update these things automatically. Some programs it listed I just deleted cause I didn't know what else to do. But I'm not bold enough to delete MS programs. Help! Make it stop! Update these programs!


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Re: Smart Scan driving me nuts, please help


Smart Scan runs on my PC every day or 2. 

Are you reporting that Smart Scan runs automatically every day or 2?  
Are you calling Run Smart Scan every day or 2? 

I've not seen Smart Scan report programs need to be updated. 

Maybe, you're talking about Norton Software Updater?

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