Smart Scan or Smart Scam?

In Norton 360 if I click the button to start Smart Scan the Scan returns 241 problems that 'MAY BE SLOWING DOWN YOUR COMPUTER".  Then, the fix Norton offers requires me to upgrade to Norton Utilities Ulitimate - no fix unless you subscribe to Ultimate.  When I run my Norton Utilities Premium it finds NO problems.  So, which is it, Norton?  241 problems from Norton 360 Smart Scan or no problems to be found by Norton Utilities Premium? 

And why did Utilities "All In One PC Cleanup" not find the problems Norton 360 Smart Scan found?  Is Norton Utilities Premium "Internet Cleanup" not as thorough as Norton 360 and Utilities Ultimate?  

As much as I would like to trust Norton this example is just like the scams from India when they load a ton of mysterious files on your screen and for a fee will clean all that junk that is actually not there.

NortonLifeLock has become so bloated so quickly it makes me wonder why I'm still here since the '90's. 

What's next?  Norton Utilities Max and then Norton Utilities Max Plus?  Why do we have to buy so many Norton products that seem to not only overlap each other but also contradict each other's results after scans?  My trust level has sunk.  I'm going shopping.     

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Re: Smart Scan or Smart Scam?

If you're asking about Run Smart Scan. 
At the end of Smart Scan run -> View Solution -> Norton presents advertisements.  
Just ignore the advertisements -> Not Interested.  

my two cents

FAQ: Smart Scan
Can I turn off promotional offers when running a Smart Scan?
No, you cannot turn off the promotional offers that appear when you run Smart Scan.


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