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This forum thread needs a solution.

SMS stopped working

Hello again,

i seem to be having aother issues with norton family prem.  I have been able to view text messageon my daughter hone (using deafult messaging) all morning, and now it is not showig me them any longer.

She and i have communicated throught text just now and none of them are showing up on norton..





Re: SMS stopped working

Hi Jennropertz,

The Norton Family for Android program monitors default txt application on the phone.  The program currently doesn’t monitor 3rd party chat app on the Android phone.   If you have been using the default txt application and you still don't see the records online, can you please send me your Norton Family account email address by private message via the forum by clicking Inbox at upper right hand corner?  it would be very helpful if you could have one screenshot that shows the message on the Android phone you or she sent,  and other screenshot shows they are not at Activity -> Messaging.



Thanks Katie

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