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Software issues with GEAR driver

Norton 360 issue: I keep getting a "One Click support" error for ""Unable to open ASPI driver gearaspi.dll..." (8701,2380) when I create a backup to CD/DVD drive in Norton 360 Version 4.0". It tells me that I should either uninstall an incompatible program, or reinstall the GEARs driver.

As I do my own backup with a separate program, I have the Backup disabled in Norton 360. From my understanding, the error comes up because some programs do not backup correctly in Norton 360 if they are incompatible with the GEAR software. I have some HP software installed, and I believe that is what is creating the error.

As I do not have backup enabled, I do not really care if they do not backup correctly with 360. I use the program regularly and I cannont uninstall it, so I must do something with Norton 360. Is there a way I can disable this specific error, or maybe prevent it from coming up? It has been a persistent problem for over a month now and it keeps my account from logging off properly.



Re: Software issues with GEAR driver

Hello aEx155 and welcome!

Some issues can be resolved by updating to the newest version of the product.

With a valid subscription, you are eligible to update to Norton 360 v5 at no charge. 

FIRST - backup your Identity Safe Data.

• Open the main Norton 360 User Interface, go to Help & Support and click "Check for Newer Version".  Follow the directions.

• Go to the Norton Update Center here and select the automated "Update Me Now" or "Choose My [current] Product Manually".

Hope that helps.

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