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Software Updater seems to have broken Chrome

Immediately after trying this new Software Updater, Chrome stopped working (giving an error of "application has failed to start because the side-by-side configuration is incorrect").  So far my minimal troubleshooting for this error does not fix the problem; Windows now cannot find the 'install/uninstall' portion of Chrome for the purpose of trying to troubleshoot by uninstalling/reinstalling Chrome.

IMHO, this feature needs to be reworked or removed.

Unsure as to which version number I'm currently running, but am using Windows 10.



Re: Software Updater seems to have broken Chrome

I had this same problem running Windows 11 and I had to reinstall Chrome for it to work again.  I'm not using this Norton Software Updater anymore; I had a feeling while running it the first time that it was a mistake and I was right.

Also broke my Teams app and had to reinstall that.

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