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Some questions about wireless connection? URGENT

We here at the house we have the Att U-Verse service and modem that brings wireless intenet 3 people share it. Now my questions are. 1. My computer can become infected if another computer that shares the connection is infected?2. other users sharing the wireless connection to me can see what I'm doing and can see my documents?3. Internet speed if we do not lessen or use at the same time thank you



Re: Some questions about wireless connection? URGENT

Hi checo:

What operating systems are involved.  There are different file-sharing requirements for XP and Vista/Win 7.

Generally, your connection to a wireless router does not involve file-sharing or access to another computer connected to it, or there would be no privacy in such places as internet cafes.  Connecting to a router is a separate thing from having a home group where the computers might or might not have access to each other.

Since there is no access to each other, there should be no issue with infection in most cases.  All three of you would have access to the router's main page and could possibly interfere with each other that way, or in settings changes.

There could be issues with usage if all three of you are using the gateway at the same time.  It could conceivably slow the connection for all of you.

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Re: Some questions about wireless connection? URGENT

Hi checo,

Setting the network trust level to "Restricted" in the Norton Network Security Map will block all other devices on your network from being able to access your computer, and so will protect you from both malware and prying eyes.  You should not notice any significant slowing down of your internet speed due to multiple computers sharing the same connection, although there will be some slight decrease in the throughput to each PC since you are sharing the bandwidth.

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