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Someone moving my Cursor remotely

Hello! I was hoping that when I downloaded Norton that I could have the ability to remove this "Ghost"/ Remote controlled cursor on my laptop. Someone has access and I don't know how much access they truly have. I have a video of it but I have no idea how to include it. 

I'm using the Norton 360 on a windows 10. Is there a flaw in my computer?



Re: Someone moving my Cursor remotely

What make and model is your laptop?

I occasionally get an issue with my Acer Aspire E5-772G. The cursor occasionally will start jiggling and not responding to my inputs from the track pad. It is not 'clicking' on anything or trying to open any other apps, so I have discounted being hacked. Restarting the computer fixes it until the next time.

Does your cursor move as if it is actually purposeful movements, or is is as I described what I have seen?

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