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Son discovered a hack for You Tube.

We have You Tube blocked under Norton Family for all our devices.  My son has found a way around this block on his desktop. He goes to Google and searches for a  individual, who has a You Tube podcast. Google provides some possible You Tube videos in its response. Normally, left clicking on the video will cause Norton to block the video.  However, he has discovered that right clicking on the video and opening it in a new Incognito page will cause the You Tube video to open and play with ease.  Norton Family doesn't block it. 

How can this be corrected?



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Re: Son discovered a hack for You Tube.

Hi z.hat,

I'm not sure which browser you are using. If it's Chrome, by default Extensions are disabled in Incognito Mode. You could try enabling Norton Family for Incognito mode by going to the Norton Family extension settings.

Look for "Allow in incognito" toggle like seen below:

I think enabling "Allow in incognito" for Norton Family extension should solve your problem.


Re: Son discovered a hack for You Tube.

Yes, it worked.  I did it this morning before he woke and then tested it.  

Thanks for your help!

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