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This forum thread needs a solution.

?Sonar Protection?

Hi, I've used Norton 360 for many years.  Today all my computers came up with "Sonar Protection" not able to fix.  I haven't changed anything.  How do I get this to go away??? I'm running Win10 Pro.

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Re: ?Sonar Protection?

Hello Pat. This article is the official suggestion from Norton for the issue you are seeing. I can also recommend trying this first, disable "fast startup" in your Windows 10 power settings and then reboot. If you aren't sure how to do that here is a guide for you to follow. Once rebooted manually run live updates on your product again. Get all that are available, reboot a second time. Re-check for the issue persisting and let us know how things go. 

Within the Norton article, there is a suggestion to perform an R&R to correct the issue. May I suggest that IF, you indeed have to perform one, do a REMOVE ONLY. Scroll down the screen to the Remove Norton section and click there when you run the tool. Reinstall your product from your Norton account when done.


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