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Spam Detection on Office 2019 Outlook

Is Norton preparing any spam detection that will work with Outlook 2019 now that this application is an App?  And does Norton Security fully protect Outlook 2019 emails as it did on previous versions of Outlook ?

1) Windows 10 x64 Pro on ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard, i7-6700k CPU, 64 gbyte RipJaws DDR4 3200 RAM, Samsung 970 Pro 512 gbyte SSD + Samsung 850 Pro 512 gbyte SSD, EVGA Nvidia GeForce 980 Ti graphics (Home Built System); 2) Windows 10 x64 Pro on Dell 8700 SE desktop, Intel i7 4770 CPU, 24 gbyte RAM, Dual Samsung 850 Pro 256 gbyte SSDs, EVGA Nvidia GeForce 750 Ti graphics; 3) Windows 10 x64 Pro on Dell XPS 15 2in1 laptop/tablet, Intel i7 Kasby Lake 3.0 ghertz, 16 gigabyte ram. ASUS RT-AC68r router, 8 tbyte WD My Cloud PR2100 NAS drive, 200 mbps cable Internet, Google Chrome, MS Office 2019 (Local), Casper 10, DisplayFusion (3 Flat Panel Displays per system) Norton Security Deluxe, Malwarebytes 3, SpywareBlaster, HostsMan, Quicken, Weather Watcher Live, ThumbsPlus and many more (all latest versions).



Re: Spam Detection on Office 2019 Outlook

My understanding is that the support for Outlook and its spam has been discontinued.

DELL XPS 8900 / I7-6700 / 64bit / 16GB RAM Win7 Pro - Norton Security

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