split tunneling UWP Windows 11 apps

how can i add a windows 11 store app to norton 360 vpn split tunneling? because following the procedure I can only select the executables of desktop applications. I would like to add "prime video" to split tunneling as it doesn't work with vpn enabled. Thank you.


Accepted Solution

Re: split tunneling UWP Windows 11 apps

I just tried installing the Amazon Prime Video app from the Windows Store. I found, as you did that you cannot access Amazon video  app in the Windows Apps folder from Windows Explorer. Even with using a Windows admin account. This is on a non S mode Windows 10 install, but it sounds like it works the same for all versions.

So, there does not appear to be any way to add Windows Store apps to the VPN split tunnel. 

Just an FYI. If you are at home on a properly secured network with a strong wifi password, you do not need a VPN. You only need a VPN if using an unsecured public hotspot. 

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