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Spotty results with Norton Family

How can I ensure that Norton Family will adequately work for us? We have been using the product for a long time now and even upgraded to Premier. Our main reason for using this product is because of the granular nature of time restrictions.

However, the daily time limit we place on our son's account (on a Windows 7 PC) doesnt always work! Today he went well over his time limit and Norton didn't lock the account, as instructed. Also, it shows that he had zero time on his account today, which isn't accurate.

This happens frequently and the only real solution is a reboot, and the next day it works. Why can't this product be more reliable?



Re: Spotty results with Norton Family

Hi MonorailGold,

Have you seen any alerts that Norton Family is not running or disabled at Activity -> Alerts online?

Please give non-administrative rights (limited or restricted) to your child’s  user account and keep the password for your Norton Online Family account away from the child.  

The program does block the child account when the time is up and they can’t disable the program unless they have the account email and password.  When the time is up or during a curfew period, the child would get an extra 60 seconds plus another 60 seconds while displaying a warning message with 60 seconds counting down.  After that,  the child is logged out of his/her account.  The child is allowed to log back to the PC for 60 seconds and receive another warning message with 60 seconds counting down to finish whatever he/she was doing .  Later, the behavior is repeated for the 3rd time,  so the child gets about extra 6 minutes, then he/she wouldn't be able to log back to the PC without the email address and password of the Norton Online Family account.

What I’ve heard is some children login again & again (after the exact 6 minutes) using the few seconds right before the program logs them out.  One thing you can try is to add a password for the child’s Windows account, so when the child logs back onto the PC diligently each time, it would create more work for the child to do it every few seconds. 



Thanks Katie

Re: Spotty results with Norton Family

I also have this problem. The time controls are hit or miss. Last night I found my son on his laptop at 11pm. The time was set for 9pm. My kids do not know my admin password. They even know to turn around if they are nearby and I need to type it in.

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