Stamping emails as Genuine

For a email scanner to stamp email as genuine, when it comes to Norton, Amazon, PayPal, eBay etc. And tell users if it is not stamped Genuine, it's not from Norton, etc. Directly telling, not look off to the side to find it.

And focus on Genuine and Scam since genuine Norton example they is less than a scam to detect. That user can clearly see it's been stamped Genuine by Norton.

What data points are used to detect if a email is a scam?

  1. Sender verify email check?
  2. Subject?
  3. Message Source data?
  4. Scanning body for phone numbers that are not Norton example with Norton refund. Logo image identified? Known scam phone numbers.

To identify if a email is a scam for stamping it as a Scam. Or other keywords identifying it as a scam & people to report a scam so it can be scanned for intelligence and updated to all users, like the virus software works. So it can be stamped as a Scam to all users as they mass spam the email.

To improve the anti scam, until it can be 100% effective at protecting company emails as been genuine and 100% at detecting a scam. From data points that a human can see a email is a scam and not genuine. And why the anti scam is failing to detect it and stamp it as a Scam.

Also maybe add so people can exclude emails that are physical known to them, or want to exclude from been scanned other than verifying the email is from they friend or family member etc. And not someone trying to social enginer them as been a friend or family member.

Just incase someone says people need to become more web savvy and computer savvy, for people with Dementia and other medical conditions or vulnerable people. Learning requires memory retention and been able to learn from your mistakes. ;)