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Standalone no longer available - but updates continue?

I downloaded the stand-alone Identity Safe software this past Thursday from a PC magazine site that made no mention of the software being discontinued. I was able to set up everything, including creating an account with Norton, downloading the browser extensions, etc,  and was quite excited to have found a great new password manager.

I came across something that required checking this forum where I suddenly learned about it being discontinued. 

I was just about to blow up my account and delete the software again when I was prompted to reboot to install the latest update. Uh. So, what is it going to be: no longer available (and I had assumed also no longer supported) or as long as you still have it you'll get updates? 

I'd be grateful if someone in the know could share what the future holds. Thank you very much in advance!

(Please don't recommend I should buy any Norton Internet security product. I'm locked into a multi-year license with my current product, which I love. I'm just trying to find a replacement for LastPass.)


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Re: Standalone no longer available - but updates continue?

If you have not already seen it, check the announcement here.  https://community.norton.com/en/forums/standalone-version-norton-identity-safe-2014-no-longer-available

So Norton is not offering the download anymore. As you have found, there may still be downloads available, but not necessarily the latest version that had been offered by Norton. The update you got was probably to get you to the latest version that Norton had been offering. You will find no more updates after this.

You can still continue to use what you have, but there will be no guarantee of compatibility with any updates to browsers.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Standalone no longer available - but updates continue?

Thank you for your reply! I guess it would be foolish to get used to it only to have it disappear / lose its functioning in the near future. Big sigh.

I would've paid for that piece of software. 

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