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status.nortondns.com & setup.nortondns.com

Connections to status.nortondns.com & setup.nortondns.com timing out.

Also tried connecting to ,, & with the same result.


Ping shows sometimes approx. 20% loss and sometimes 100% loss.


Two ISP tested, one via USB-modem and one via cable-modem.


Furthermore, tried IE, Firefox and Google.

Using a proxy (server placed in USA) shows both status.nortondns.com & setup.nortondns.com!


Can't find any firewall-setting that blocks the above IPs.


Any ideas what causes the timing out?



Re: status.nortondns.com & setup.nortondns.com

Are you having some trouble accessing web sites that is making you want to access the DNS IPs?

The time outs are usually at some computer between your's and the destination. That does not mean there is a problem with the destination, but somewhere in between.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: status.nortondns.com & setup.nortondns.com

Yes, some server? in between seems to block http-connections. Strange that this behavior is the same at two different ISPs.

Simultaneous connection via http & ping shows about 40% ping-loss and no connection thru http.

It doesn't really concern Norton DNS-servers, as I can type in the IP-numbers directly.

Further, pathping seems to work without loss!

Any idea how to check what upstream gizmo does the blocking?

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