Stay away from Crypto

Stay away from Crypto! I upgraded my GPU to a RTX 3050 thinking that a newer, faster GPU would work better and it turns out to be that the RTX 3050 is not supported! Bummer! I spent $$$$ following Crypto's specifications of 6GB or more, but Norton must and should warn customers which GPUs are not compatible. Also, the cut Crypto gets for their lousy Tech support is ridiculously high. Don't let greed obscure your thinking.

I used to like Norton when it did not want to get your money (just your data) by offering services that are worthless. 

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Re: Stay away from Crypto

I believe this card is compatible. Where did you get information that says otherwise?
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Re: Stay away from Crypto

I believe that the Nvidia RTX3050 is one of the new cards with Lite Hash Rate algorithm, or LHR for short. This means that the card throttles when it detects it is being used for mining. They applied it to most cards manufactured in their RTX 30-series (they didn't touch the rtx 3090). The change happened in manufacturing around the middle of May 2021 (I think).

This change was designed by Nvidia so that they are rubbish at mining but good at gaming to stop miners buying up the stock of cards during the crippling GPU Shortage.

So if it an LHR card then it isn't Norton's fault.

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