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Stop the ads!

Every morning and throughout the day I get popup ads from Norton trying to sell me on another feature of their family of products. I have been a Norton customer for over ten years and am fully aware of their products. When I purchased Norton Internet Security I did not intend to expose myself to daily bombardment of advertising. Is there any way I can stop these popups?


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Re: Stop the ads!

Check in Settings - Administrative Settings, and scroll down to Special Offer Notifications. Be sure that is turned off.

In case you may be seeing these while browsing the internet, try installing an ad blocker in your browser. I have both these options and have not been seeing the pop ups everyone is complaining about.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Stop the ads!

Steve, UBlock Origin and Adblock Plus are two ad blockers to consider.

I use UBlock, and never get pop ups.

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