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Stop Detailed Website Reporting...Possible?

We are not interested in knowing every website our kids visit. Our family agrees that this is intrusive, and not conducive to building trust

We only want our kids to be blocked from the categories we select, and we want to know which blocked websites they attempted to view, wittingly or unwittingly.

Can Norton Online Family be configured to do this?



Re: Stop Detailed Website Reporting...Possible?

Never mind. Also couldn't find a way to stop the dog from popping up every time you log in. Uninstalled.


Re: Stop Detailed Website Reporting...Possible?

Hi Bulldoggy,

The program currently records all the Web activities.  I'll add  your request to the product enhancement list for the management team to consider.

For the popping up message when a monitored children log into a PC, please check out the link below on why we notify children they are being monitored.


You are very welcome to reinstall the program in the future and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



Thanks Katie

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