Stop loss of customisations to default Backup Set on upgrade

I have just upgraded to a new version of Norton Security and Backup having been prompted to do so.  This involved the removal of the existing version and the installation of a new version.   Once this had been done,  Norton Backup displayed a Status 'Not set up'.     This was a surprise as Backup had been previously running regular backups to the Cloud Backup environment.    I had extensively customised the Default backup set to backup the data that I needed backed up and there was an 18GB backup holding all the data that I had backed up.

I looked for a way of recovering my settings and restarting the backup to the existing backup and could not find anything.  I then contacted your Support and they said that was not possible and that I would need to set up a new Backup Set and create a new backup.

This is a major pain - I have lost 3 hours today so far investigating the problem,   chatting with your support and then trying to work out the customisations that I had made and creating a new backup set. 

I then posted to Twitter (https://twitter.com/nfpdbconsult/status/1094696672540672004) and your person there said that the reason I had lost my settings was because I had customised the Default set.  When the new version was installed,  it reset the Default set back to the default settings.  He said that  had I renamed it to a different name then the settings would have come across.

So - how was I to know this?

To avoid this problem,  can I suggest that 

  • either you keep any customisations to the Default Backup set when upgrading (better option)
  • or you issue a warning before doing the upgrade:  'It looks as if you have customised the Default Backup Set.  These customisations will be lost on upgrade.     If you rename the Default Backup set,  then your settnigs will be retained and you will be able to continue to use this backup set with the same customisations after upgrade'

Thank you