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Strange behaviour after 'system restore'?


Last night I tried to install a Samsung pc suite for my mobile phone and the process didn't want to play, full of errors etc so decided to delete from my pc. However, there were several left over bits that would not delete from the control panel 'programmes and features'. The only alternative was for me to do a system restore and so I disabled 'tamper protection' in my NIS 2011 (latest v.) and restored to about 4 hours earlier to the flawed install of the mobile phone suite. The process stated it had been restored ok and was rebooted.

Now, NIS showed a purple coloured arrow in the taskbar disc and the suite stated that Live update was unavailable and that a fix was in progress. After a while nothing seemed to be happening and so I did a manual reboot and this time I managed to run a live update and it downloaded about 97 meg. All is ticked green and running as it should.

My question is this, as I only restored to about 4 hours earlier should it have lost all the virus def's and all the other bits that go with these? I could understand if I say restored to 3-4 weeks ago, but I thought this a little strange in the circumstances.

If anyone out there has any thoughts on this I would like to hear what you think.

My specs are, Windows 7 Home prem 64 bit, 3 Gig Ram, 340 Gig hard disc.


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Re: Strange behaviour after 'system restore'?

Hi brummie,

It is well documented that System Restore often scrambles Norton.  I would expect that in almost all cases the definitions files and any other frequently updated data stores would need to be fixed following a restoration.  LiveUpdate will always download the current full virus signature file whenever there is a possibility that the existing file on your system may be damaged, so the large size of your download is also not surprising.  The fact that you restored to a point only a few hours prior probably did save you from having to do a complete uninstall / reinstall of Norton, which is often necessary after running System Restore.


Re: Strange behaviour after 'system restore'?

Thanks for your reply. I have done system restore about a year or so ago and had to download the full monty of updates, it's just that I thought it was strange as the restore was only for a few hours before! I will take onboard what you say and accept that this is in fact normal. 

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