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Strange ".trim" folder in my Storage?

Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering if someone could please tell me what a ".trim" folder is?

It has suddenly appeared in my device storage (not SD Card) and I have never heard of it before. I searched on Google and couldn't find an answer and I'm worried now it may be some form of malware.

I have done nothing untoward with my phone though to warrant having any malware, and I have scanned my device with Norton's mobile product and it isn't turning anything up. It's got me completely flummoxed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Strange ".trim" folder in my Storage?

The only reference I have to trim is a command used on SSD drives. I have not researched that yet so I do not know if this may apply.

Before anyone can really help we need a little more information about your device.

Manufacturer, OS version, whether the device is rooted?


If the phone is what is listed at the bottom of your post, you might look at this information on the Android update to your phone series. It mentions the TRIM support being added under the changes and improvements section.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Strange ".trim" folder in my Storage?

Thanks for the response.

That link does mention TRIM, but I updated my phone a while back and haven't done anything in the way of updating yesterday which is when it first appeared.

The only thing I actually did do was I updated a few apps, which is when I think it may now have appeared. They included Deezer and OneDrive.

My phone isn't rooted and is on 4.3. It is the LTE version of the Galaxy S3.

I have the full version of Norton Mobile installed, and that isn't picking up anything untoward during a scan. So if I have faith in Norton, there shouldn't be anything to worry about!
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Re: Strange ".trim" folder in my Storage?

Hi Richie.

I have lots of folders on my Android that I have not created.  It appears to be part of having android and apps..

I do not think that the appearance of that folder should be a reason to worry.  As you say you have NMS loaded and provided you keep it updated then I think you should relax.  

If other odd things start happening then note them down and report back.  If not, keep NMS updated and enjoy life.