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Strength of Pass Words

I recently spent a lot of time and effort to change all my passwords which totaled about 40.  I used the Norton Password generator to create all of my new passwords. After changing them all I went into the statistics portion of the program and found that only approximately 15 of my Norton generated password were considered strong by Norton.  I am not going to change them again but why would Norton generate a pass word that is only considered "moderate".  I would expect all the password from the generator to be considered "strong".  I used the same 8 number criteria on all the requested numbers, which included all possible options to be placed in a number yet some were considered strong some moderate.



Re: Strength of Pass Words

Hi zras01,

I hear and understand what you are saying/asking - but what if the generated passwords are in fact "strong",  but the method of determining the strength is invalid - leaves something to be desired?

Which one is incorrect?

Kudos2 Stats

Re: Strength of Pass Words

A password of only 8 characters is no longer considered to be secure.  You need a long password, at least 12 - 20 characters, with both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and preferably a special character or two.  If you are using a password manager like Norton Identity Safe, there is no reason not to use long passwords, since you don't have to memorize them.  And the longer a password is, the more secure it is, as a few minutes of experimentation with this password analyzer will show:


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