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stuck at 100% of files transferred

after many many long hours, I finally got the back up to work, only to have it behaving in a way that appears stuck at completion. It has shown "backup in progress" "Transferring 100%" for several hours now. I don't want to cancel it and start over.... any suggestions? thanks in advance for your time... ~Lauri



Re: stuck at 100% of files transferred

Hello Lauri

Is this issue still active for you or has it resolved itself?


Re: stuck at 100% of files transferred

I think you do need care the backup progress, since the backup agent is running in background. it will automatically check what to backup and do backup automatically, it do do need your any action.

You can also safely cancel backup, it will not cancel all your backup opertion, it just cancel current backup, in next backup start, it will not re-backup files which already backup.

Good luck.


Sr. Software Engineer

Symantec Corporation

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