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A subject page once found can not be found in index

I am new here and more likely to find things with many search engines. A subject page here once found can not be found in index:

Examples 1.) When I tried to reply to comments after I registered - the page was gone. I had to go to Internet Explorer 11 Bing Search to find the page and copy and paste the Url  to get here again. 2.) Check picture its there. Therefore when I use the title "Norton Safe Search Quick Links" to search for it it becomes nothing to do with the subject. What I get is "Where is my website?" and "Thank you very much, floplot!" and many more as I scan the list - never to find anying close to the subject. Another thing it wrote:


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Re: A subject page once found can not be found in index

I think your issue of the  missing reply is probably related to your being a new member, and posting with an attachment. The forum software flags these type of posts for an administrator to make sure there is nothing malicious or illegal or spam being posted.

I would suggest that your using a Bing search coincided with an admin having approved the post.

As for the search results here, many of us have trouble finding anything with the forum's search functions. It is not just you. And as you found, you can often find it quicker with a general internet search, like Bing or Google.

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