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Submission Portal False Positive Delay

I uploaded a file to the submission portal to report a false positive. This was done 2 weeks ago. The message shown on the portal then, and still today is "Your submission is being processed" with the details shown as "Analyzing (up to 48 hours)".

So, should take 2 days, but 2 weeks later there is still no update.

Submission ID: 651f3b7e-b58f-4807-b0f1-447b0ed35942



Re: Submission Portal False Positive Delay

We'll try to call attention:

Sorry, latest info ~ 01-Nov-2021.  Submission status/details: not updating is still a work in progress.  Sorry.

We'll try to call attention:  We'll try to get update: 


Re: Submission Portal False Positive Delay

Hi @Aidan GG,

We are unable to reproduce the detection. Please ensure you have the latest Norton definitions installed via LiveUpdate and if you still experience the detection, provide steps to reproduce and a screenshot of the detection.

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