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Submit master boot record sample

Here are an instructions to send own MBR sample for analysis to Symantec. But only for Win9x OS.



  • Boot viruses generally cannot affect Windows NT based Operating systems (Windows NT/2000/XP) because they do not allow direct access to the disk
All mechanisms are not perfect and can be skipped and for 10-years WinXP too. We knew threats that can infect MBR in WinXP. I infect my MBR record on the test computer while testing NIS 17.5 in the 7-8-March-2010. And then Norton many times blocks something like Neosploit Activity (2) there I "attacking" some sites on the internet. After some time it is bacame unbootable (it was running WinXP SP3 fully patched via Windows Update service) and I rewrite MBR of my test HDD with some ulitity and reallocate logical partitions again. So how MBR fingerprint can be done in WinXP, Vista, Win7?  ---Due to huwyngr request:I am using Norton (NIS 2011)



Re: Submit master boot record sample

Are you using the Home/Office product range -- Norotn) or the Business (Sykmantec Enterprise) range of products?

If Norton you are in the right place;

For corporate edition products please visit the STN forums at their new location:


Thank you for the version ifnor -- I was not sure since the link to security included the workd business ...

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