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This forum thread needs a solution.

Submit website for rating

hello, please can you help with my web domain www.callfinneyfirst.com

i have this domain verified with websafe but i have been waiting several months for my site to be rated ?

my site just has a grey question mark on search pages

please can you refer this for rating as I seem to have been waiting a long time?

Thank you, Brian



Re: Submit website for rating

Hello brian1400

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

 Good Luck with your website. It is now evaluated as Green OK in Safe Web.

Safe Web and we would like to say you're very welcome. Usually, I would ask you to mark the post which gave you the Solution,  but the one who got your site evaluated  didn't post anything in the Forum. I guess no one will know that this thread is solved except by me saying Good Luck to you..

Have a Good Night and


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