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This forum thread needs a solution.

Subscription Alert window keeps popping up even after choosing Update and OK

We have 20 licenses for Norton Security under a Small Business subscription.  The renewal is set to auto-renewal and should renew in 4 days.  Each system is with Norton Security installed is continually getting a pop-up Subscription Alert window. 

Banner shows "! Your subscription needs to be updated"

Window Text:  You will lose your Norton protection and the product will no longer function if your subscription becomes out-of-date.  You are currently opted into Norton Automatic Renewal and will be automatically renewed.  Please click here to retrieve your updated subscription information. 

The only options available are in a drop-down box: 1) Update (Recommended); 2) Remind me later.

I choose "Update" and click OK

This results in another window entitled, "Norton Security Subscription" that has a green banner "You are Protected".

Window Text:  Status:  Renews in 5 days  Renewal:  You are enrolled in Norton Automatic Renewal Service.

Sometime later, the original Subscription Alert window reappears - like Groundhog Day...

Questions:  Is any action required in order for these 20 systems to show valid subscription status in 5 days?  Is there any way to turn off these alerts?