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subscription expired

i have received emails telling me my subscription has expired and yet i recently renewed and my norton homepage tells me i have 1087 days left. nathan the robot does not understand and i can't find a way to talk with a human being at norton. (in the past they have always been so accessible... where did they all go!!). what do i do?



Re: subscription expired

Welcome to Norton Community ,

How many emails did you receive stating that product is expired ? We have seen this when you have an old poduct registered in the same email address and that subscription is expired though you have a new product now.

My suggestion for you is that you can ignore the email if you have the new product working fine in the computer.This email is an auto generated email to let u know that the old product is expired.

If still you need to contact support , you can dial in at 18007456061 or go to www.norton.com/chat if you need to chat with a support rep.

Let me know if you need any info.


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