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Subscription Management via Website?

Back in February, I updated the NETBIOS name of one of my Windows 10 now 1803 version computers.  Recently on that system I ran into a problem I could not solve because even the online troubleshooting process was locking up.  I believe it was triggered by the release of the latest executable update, but I could not get anything to work when I was being told by Norton that an update was failing. 

After a crazy on-line support session in which a remote support staff member spent more than an hour and a half with me doing the same thing I had been trying to do for hours, and finally succeeding, I noted that the list of subscribed devices had two instances of my device and if you count both instances as "active" my subscription is/was over installed! 

It a appears that device name changes in Windows somehow impact what Norton is doing in a way that makes their subscription maintenance process a nightmare for people who rename their devices.

I'm an old programmer and have been around code since 1961 when FORTRAN had no numbers after its' name.  Is there a better way than storing and using the device's network name to keep track of which device has an installed and authorized version of Norton Security so people like me do not get tripped up by a device name change?  I would think there are hardware signatures that users cannot muck around with that would provide a more stable background basis for tracking devices, even if the web site displays the name that Microsoft lets users update if they know, or figure out how.

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Re: Subscription Management via Website?

In your Norton account under My Services or My Subscriptions it will show the number of licenses used. Click on manage licenses and it will list your systems by the Windows PC Name. If you change the Windows PC name it will update the Norton account.

Go back to My Devices and see what it shows. Your Devices will be listed under a different name. On each system  open Norton and select Help-About and at the top it will list the Device name. This name was chosen by Norton during installation. If you change the Device name on your Norton account it will update your Help-About  name on your PC. 


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